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Development in self-reported arm-lymphedema in Danish women treated for early-stage breast cancer in 2005 and 2006 -– A nationwide follow-up study Incidence of Lymphedema Modern Concepts in Identifying and Treating Lymphedema Survey Results: Update 2011 (The value of) Chemotherapy when axillary lymph nodes are free of cancer. (When) Compression Is Not Appropriate Congestive Heart Failure Diuretics & Lymphedema (The Effects of) Exercise on Fatigue during Chemotherapy Growth Factors Hormones and Breast Cancer Infections Lipedema Lymphedema and Diabetes Lymphedema & Recurrent Cellulitis Modern Concepts in Identifying and Treating Lymphedema Survey Results Neck Edema Obesity Survey Results OptiFlowBC System: Combined Modality Treatment using the ReidSleeve and the BioCompression Pneumatic Pump Pregnancy and Lymphedema Pregnancy and Lymphedema: Followup Primary Lymphedema Reconstruction Survey Results - Part I Scrotal Edema Sentinel Node Biopsy Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy: Study Update (Follow up) Sentinel Node Biopsy Sentinel Node Biopsy Update (5-19-03) Stem Cell Transplant Surgical Management of Lymphedema (The Effects of) Tamoxifen on Prevention of Breast Cancer Recurrence The Three "C's" Patients Need To Cope With Cancer And Lymphedema Virus That Kills Cancer Cells Shows Promise Weight Loss and Breast Cancer Risk

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