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You can order alertbands of any quantity. We do require a shipping and handling charge of $20.00 per 100 alertbands ($20 for 1-100, $40 for 101-200, $60 for 201-300 etc). Additional materials including brochures, tri-folds, CDs etc can be sent also at no additional charge.

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  • Please fill out the form below and submit it. We will invoice you for the shipping and handling charges.

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  • If you would like to pay by phone, please contact us at 800-293-3362 with your credit card information.

  • If you would like to pay by fax, fill out this order form and fax it to 831-430-9068.

  • If you would like to pay by mail using a check, money order or credit card, fill out this order form and mail it to us at the following address.

    Peninsula BioMedical, Inc
    P.O. Box 66149
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